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A Guide to Smoking Smoking is a practice that dates back to many centuries ago. One can find smokers in almost all countries. Its consumption therefore ends up being a foreign exchange earner for many countries. Among the most commonly used products for smoking are tobacco cigarettes. This is due to its availability in most parts of the world. It is however good to note that cannabis is yet another plant product that is widely consumed in the world. Cannabis started being during the eighteenth century. Human beings grow cannabis just like they grow any other crops. However, there are two distinct types of cannabis which many people do not know how to differentiate. These species include: Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. One would then wonder, can the differences between the two be identified? Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are different in several ways. Physical appearance is the first thing that creates a distinction between the two. While sativa plants are known to grow tall at maturity, indica plants are generally short. The leaf size also creates a distinction between the two in that cannabis sativa has narrower leaves than those of cannabis indica. The last difference based on appearance is in that cannabis sativa usually has loose branches that are generally few while cannabis indica grows to have many branches that form dense vegetation.
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The second aspect that can distinguish between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica is their mode of growth. First of all, cannabis sativa is better grown outdoors while indica does well when grown indoors. The reason for this distinction is that radiation needs are different between the two species. Cannabis indica is also grown indoors since it is prone to pest attacks when grown outdoors. Cannabis indica takes longer to mature than cannabis sativa. This leads many farmers to undertake farming of sativa as opposed to indica.
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Generally, cannabis takes about four months from planting to harvesting. The consumable part of the plant is the flower. Cannabis usually takes two months from planting to flowering. After flowering, the flowers take another month to be fully ready for harvesting. Drying of the flowers ideally takes one week after which the flowers are crushed and packaged. The yield size is usually dependent on the care given to the crop during the growing period. Cannabis is known to have different effects on the user. Many users of cannabis have cited a feeling of calmness and relaxation as the main effect derived from the smoking of cannabis. Boosting of energy and spirit is also another effect that smokers of cannabis have cited. Cannabis has also been used in special situations for medicinal value. It is however good to note that medicinal use of cannabis must be as prescribed by a medical practitioner.